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O rlando was named the No. 1 city in America to invest in housing for 2018, according to a list by Forbes Magazine.

Forbes teamed up with Local Market Monitor to track more than 300 U.S. housing markets. The monitor tracks thing such as population, jobs and home prices.

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According to the study, Orlando’s home prices increased by 9% in 2017, bringing the average home price in Orlando to $247,550. The city is expected to have a 3-year price growth forecast of 35%.

Forbes notes the rise in home values isn’t guaranteed for cities on the list, but they are most likely to get the buyer a decent return on their investment.

The writer notes that Orlando performs well when America performs well, since the city is dependent on tourism. This has caused an increase in both job growth and population growth in the city beautiful.

Orlando is not the only city in Florida to crack the top 5, Jacksonville came in at No. 3 spot.

By Shannon McLellan – Social Media Producer

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